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Cabins for rent in Poland

Sightseeing. Cheap accommadation in Poland, Beskidy Mountains. Self catering holiday cottage for rent Tel. 0048 663-441-565



If you have special interest in for example: nature, history, architecture, cousine, let us know in advance!!

One of routes we can go is:

 Cracow, old town (UNSECO)


Cracow has the biggest Market Square in Europe. The building in the middle of The Main Square was “build” by silk money in XVII century. There is nothing that beats magic of Cracow!

Kazimierz in Cracow
Kazimierz in Krakow. Town/part of Cracow. A Town  where real inhabitants disappeared.  See the old Jews quarter. After WWII and Communism time there are only 10,00 Jews in Poland ( in early XX century there were more then 3 million) However the architecture and influence on culture they left, let you imagine how strong community their made, in Poland and Central Europe.


 Salt mine Wieliczka (UNESCO)Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine has good air for people suffering lungs problem etc. There is even a hotel -  hospital  located 600 meters below ground where You can book a bed. Wieliczka also offers breathtaking visit in a mine, lovely sculptures and caves- and it is all made of SALT! ( Good place to buy good salt for very reasonable price )


 Monastery Kalwaria Zebrzydowska  (UNESCO)Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Monastery

 A monastery worth visiting...


 Concentration camp Auschwitz (UNSECO)Auschwitz

History likes to repeat itself. We should learn from our mistakes. Museum offers you to get know facts of this horrible place where nearly 6 millions people lost their lives in WWII from Nazi hands. Auschwitz is a very big -  free fee – museum. You even get to see the chambers. For especially interested we recommend to take the whole day for a visit.

 John Paul II museum and place of birth

Please visit a place of Birth of Karol Wojtyla. Later known as John Paul II. You will not be surprised that such man comes from such religious area as is region Wadowic. Wherever you look there are churches, chapels, crosses and other remindings of the glory of God. Influence on World Situation now  by Karol Wojtyla  can never  be underestimated.


 Last alive European Bison ( buffalo ) Sanctuary - Pszczyna


See the last Alive European Bison. Watch out! Big beasts!


Trips for:

Slovakia - castles, hot springs, Tatra mountains,Vlkolínec, village-UNESCO site) See a village where wood is the ONLY material)

-Czech Republic ( Moravian Beskid mountains, Town of Olomouc (UNESCO), region of Moravia with itsfine tables wines! )Olomouc

Olomouc is a real baroque pearl. Beautiful town about 100km from Polish border in Czech Republic. See what Moravia is all about!

Cieszyn / Cesky Tesin

Not very far from the cottage is the town of Cieszyn or as it is called in Czech Republic Cesky Tesin.It is one town devided by a river Olza/Olsa by  two counries – Poland and Czech Republic.Amazing possibility to get the best from two countries in one time! ( Most people do not need seperete visas etc. to cross the border ) Cieszyn  in polish means =enjoy ( Ciesz )… The road to Cieszyn is located on the top of a mountain ridge and offers spectacular views and places to eat, and see, eventually buy local crafts-tatting. We strongly recommend! Cieszyn has a good shopping places, beautiful architecture, border culture, history, good restaurants and thriving nightlife.



Cieszyn Romanesque St. Nicholas' Church ( 11th century ) The oldest Romanesque architecture in Poland, can be seen on 20 zloty Polish money note ( 20 zloty= 6 U.S. Dollars, value in Poland= 5 pints in a decent pub )Average prices:

meal in a restaurant - $3, loaf of bread - $0,50, pint of milk $0,50,

Wrocław, Paczków, Swidnica


Author on Cieszyn Market Square

Author on Cieszyn Market Square

There are plenty of other attractions ( horses, paragliding, climbing etc. ) All trips can be arrange so you spend every night in the cottage ( 1 day trips )

Price for day tour is only $35 plus cost of petrol.

For special request please write to us. E-mail can be seen in the end of this message. We provide a car and a guide. Languages available are: Polish, English, Czech and   Japanese.


Visit us! You will not regret!